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At Ellie Poo Paper, our machine and handmade seed paper is designed to be planted after use in order to produce a variety of lovely flowers you can enjoy in your garden. An alternative to simply throwing out or recycling old paper, enjoy a long-lasting reminder that not only looks beautiful, but helps wildlife to thrive. Ellie Poo Paper’s seed paper is very popular and we not only offer machine-made growable seed paper, but a bespoke handmade service. When you choose our handmade seed paper service, you can choose the colour of your paper and the seeds we use (subject to suitability), making it the perfect letter writing paper of gift choice for a loved one. Minimum orders are required for both our handmade and machine-made seed paper, but you’ll soon find plenty of reasons to use it. With sheets of both A4 and A5 paper, envelopes, gift tags and even a ‘Letter to Santa’ kit, our seed paper is extremely versatile. For more information about our seed paper, call 01458 251 662 or contact us online.